January 7, 2020

Data Loader and Salesforce Knowledge Import Tool

  • Data Loader is a free Salesforce tool that can handle complex data import and export and it provides flexibility on field mapping. Desk.com can provide a free export of your content in a format that’s compatible for the Salesforce Data Loader tool. Please email support@desk.com to request a data loader style site export.
  • Salesforce Knowledge Import Tool is a free Salesforce tool that can migrate your knowledge content. It is the easiest way to migrate your knowledge base content.
  • Pros

    – Well-documented instruction Highly customizable Supports large data volume

  • Cons

    – Requires multiple steps to complete the migration Requires a tech-savvy resource (but not a developer) Some object relationships can’t be created automatically; some spreadsheet processing may be necessary to complete your migration

Works well with in-use Service Cloud orgs (for example, if you already have cases synced overusing Desk Connect)