Consulting & Implementation Services

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We help you setup your platform to your organization’s needs and discover the true potential.

Our wide range of services related to platform helps you get up and running in little time. Whether you want initial setup of Sales or Service cloud or you want a fully customized solution, our team can help you every step of the way.

Starter Services

For any organization that is just starting new with platform, we can offer implentation solutions to instantly improve your customer relations. We help you automate routine activities and setup processes that lead to your success.

Administrative setup

We can help you set up the basic features like Leads Assignment Rules, Accounts and Contacts management, Workflow rules and more

Sales Cloud setup

Setup your sales organization for instant success with our Sales Cloud setup services. We can help set up processes for Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Quotes

Service Cloud setup

Provide integrated customer service by setting up your service cloud. We can help setting up Cases, Case Assignment Rules, Email to Case, Web to Case, Escalation Rules & Knowledgebase

Leads collection

Start collecting information about your potential buyers right from your website or from emails. We can help you set up the process for validation and segmentation of leads right from the first step. Create targeted landing pages for your campaign or create a full-blown marketing automation plan

Emails & Newsletter setup

Embrace your branding into the automated sales processes with Create the right templates for all your communications. Connect your accounts with Mailchimp, ConstantContact, VerticalResponse, Pardot or other newsletter management systems

Reports & Dashboards

Get insights on your organization and your customers right to your mailbox through automated Report emails. Or view them in real time on your dashboard. Gauge your team’s success using your organization’s KPIs

Enterprise Strategy & Consulting

Salesforce Sales cloud

We can help your sales team achieve full potential with our advanced services like Sales team management, leader board and rewards system. Make your sales organization competitive and productive in a fun way.

Salesforce Service cloud

We understand the service focus of large enterprises. Manage your customers with easy self-help tools and dynamic case management system. Drive your service quality through well defined and strategically created service cloud.

Custom Objects & Apps

With a living and growing enterprise, standard offerings are not sufficient. We have the expertise in creating custom apps and solutions that deliver outstanding customer satisfaction beyond the Sales and Service clouds.

Data and Integration

Seamless data integration of your data with your existing applications like QuickBooks, or ERP systems can provide you insights that a fragmented system cannot provide. Connect all your technology dots with our integration services.

Actionable Analytics

Make your organization agile based on current trends to get the best results. Our analytic and reporting service offerings can make a significant impact to your bottom line.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing Automation

Need an automated marketing campaigns to regularly follow up with your customers? Use Pardot, ExactTarget or other services. Better yet, create your own customized marketing campaign based on advanced workflow rules.

Campaign Tracker

Track the effectiveness of your AdWords, Bing AdCenter and other retargeting campaigns right from your account. We help you connect the leads to tag data, organic search, referrals data.

Data Integration

Connect your data with your other systems. Utilize the best features of different systems while having clear visibility across these platforms.

Ecommerce apps data

View your ecommerce customers and orders data right into Integrate your order processing from your account. We can work with OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop or other ecommerce systems

ERP, CRM or Accounting systems

Connect your customer data from to Quickbooks, or other compatible Accounting systems

Database syncing

Whether your external system is built on MySQL, MongoDB, MS SQL or other popular databases, we can seamlessly integrate data across systems. We can also use Heroku Connect for connecting Postgresql database. All of our syncing tools have advanced logs to track and identify any potential issue.

Custom Salesforce Apps

Over the years we have built a reputation of creating awesome custom apps for From leaderboards to spiffs for salesperson, we have executed innovative ideas.

PHP, .NET, or NodeJS apps

Crete custom apps on a platform of your choice that simplifies the CRM processes. Gamify your processes to make it interesting for the users.

Custom apps

Extend the standard features to new objects and apps that will fulfill your organization’s needs

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