AppExchange - Desk to Service Cloud Migration Tool

Desk to Service Cloud migration is a middleware tool from AppExchange. It migrates your data from to the Salesforce Service Cloud quickly. The tool allows you to migrate core data and metadata from to the new Service Cloud.

The primary benefit of Desk-to-Service is that you can test the migration process before you move your data to the production environment in Salesforce.

If you are creating a Salesforce instance right from the beginning with no existing data, then the process is easy. If you have a Salesforce system with existing data, you will have to make use of the

What Desk-to-Service cannot Migrate?

Due to limitations in API, if you try to implement the following features in Desk, you have to recreate them manually in Salesforce.

Automation – Macros, Rules, and Notifications

Customer Community – If you allow your customers to log in to the Desk support center and create or edit the cases

Cloud Migration Process –

The common elements of the Cloud Migration Process include:

  • Evaluation of security requirements
  • Selecting a cloud provider
  • Cost calculation
  • Data and application portability
  • Data security

Pros of AppExchange Tool

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • User-friendly user interface
  • Works best with a new & clean Service
  • Cloud org

 Cons –

  • Fewer options for field mapping and customization
  • Custom data cleanup not available


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