How RingCentral Integration with Microsoft Teams Benefits Business Processes?

How RingCentral Integration with Microsoft Teams Benefits Business Processes

With regards to your communication stack, you should have the adaptability to assemble it as per your definite business needs. Regardless of whether you like to have a single vendor or different vendors for communication, RingCentral furnishes you with the adaptability and choices you need to be successful regardless of which tool you pick. RingCentral Integration with Microsoft Teams has created a native merge that allows users to communicate and collaborate within the team’s platform. With the integration, teams integrate seamlessly with RingCentral’s cloud-based voice and video capabilities that increase productivity and efficiency.

When it comes to Microsoft Teams, it can give you so much, but it does exclude outer communication abilities. That implies you really want to set up a completely independent framework to deal with public switched telephone network (PSTN) calls to empower calls outside of your business.

If we talk about the solution, RingCentral Microsoft Team Integration is the most ideal way to benefit from your Microsoft Teams venture. RingCentral Cloud PBX for Microsoft Teams is a Direct Routing combination that empowers communication natively in teams, making your RingCentral Integration a winning combo that conveys results.

Benefits of RingCentral Cloud for Microsoft Teams

Intuitive Team Experience

RingCentral Microsoft teams’ integration locally into teams, so you can, in any case, utilize similar Microsoft Teams to interact with the force of RingCentral’s communication to back it up. Also, you will not need to at any point stress over extra downloads, bots, or modules. 

Ring central Call Management

Ringcentral for Microsoft teams permits you to settle on decisions with the intuitive RingCentral dialer and manage RingCentral Call Management straightforwardly from your message textbox or with speedy bot orders.

RingCentral call management allows Microsoft teams to allow users to make calls, call history, voicemails, manage meetings, join meetings, including video meetings.

Multiple Modes and Devices

Remote work and hybrid work are turning into the standard rather than the exceptional thing. Your group needs a telephony carrier that can adjust to this new work standard. With RingCentral Microsoft Teams integration, clients can without much of a stretch communicate with any gadget on mobile, desktop, or web. A simple-to-use platform implies that your group can convey externally and internally from anywhere.

RingCentral App Integration

RingCentral with the Microsoft team lets you customize all your workflows with 200+ RingCentral app integration in the RingCentral gallery, and open APIs. You and your group can work straightforwardly from your most loved applications, such as Salesforce, Google Cloud, Zendesk, ServiceNow, and some more.

Ready to Deploy

Dealing with a new technical setup and getting it off the ground can be complex. Eliminate complexes by allowing RingCentral to take over all the complicated work for you. RingCentral can help keep up with and work for your total high-accessibility Teams Direct Routing infrastructure session border controller (SBC) which is Microsoft certified. 

Better Global Voice Calling

Every business needs a superior voice calling quality. And your voice traffic will go through RingCentral’s cloud network, which means traffic going to Microsoft’s server is decreased, prompting better voice quality. Moreover, choosing RingCentral as telephony will let you have access to local and toll-free numbers in 100+ countries. 

Easy Management

RingCentral with the Microsoft team centrally manages and sorts out your whole user base from one intuitive interface point. It takes advantage of Single Sign-on (SSO), so users can be consequently validated and linked with their RingCentral communication account when they sign in to Microsoft Teams.

Two Ways to Add Telephony to Microsoft Teams

There are two ways Microsoft Calling Plans and Direct Routing. With Microsoft Calling Plans, you can involve Microsoft as your telephony carrier yet there are various limitations, including restricted PBX functionalities and feature abilities.

On the other hand, Direct Routing, allows you to pick your own telephony carrier and PBX administrations to interface with a PSTN. That implies you can pick your own communication transporter and PBX administration (like RingCentral) and associate it with your Microsoft Teams arrangement.

While picking RingCentral for Direct Routing, you can involve RingCentral for voice needs, for example, lines, telephone numbers, and minutes, while holding Microsoft Teams as your informing application supplier. All approaching and active calls are steered through the RingCentral cloud network utilizing the Microsoft Teams application everything is flawlessly integrated within the team’s interface.

Direct Routing makes it workable for you to associate RingCentral’s enterprise-grade communication with Microsoft Teams’ collaboration so you can use the smartest possible solution.

How do RingCentral and Microsoft Teams work?

Basically, RingCentral presents enterprise-grade correspondence abilities inside your Teams, and it works with all occurrences of the application including the web application, desktop application, and RingCentral bot. 

How Does it All Work?

RingCentral Cloud PBX is the key, as it’s an undertaking level correspondence and communication stage that permits groups to message, fax, video visit, and chat on the telephone, all from a unified system. With telephone-based communication, it offers support for refined call streams, real-time call reports and experiences, call routing and call ques to deal in case of heavy workloads.

All these things are not generally accessible inside Microsoft’s Teams platform. Since it’s all in the cloud or on the web, you don’t have to introduce costly equipment in your office or business. You can utilize your telephone, tablet, or PC to speak with both your representatives and clients. The standard help alone will change the way that you work by bringing a ton of heritage frameworks into the advanced and computerized age.

The RingCentral Microsoft Integration permits everybody to access the exclusive features and functionalities from inside their Microsoft Team’s point of interaction. For instance, you can make a call to your partners or contacts from inside Teams. You can likewise begin a live video meeting or gathering. Also, you can even send SMS messages to colleagues and clients.

How Does It Benefit Your Business?

The coordination makes it very simple to get to RingCentral highlights from anywhere inside the teams and through any of the application interfaces web or desktop. For a small business, it smoothes out the whole communication. You don’t need to stress over dealing with different applications, getting everybody acquainted with the different services or applications including clients. You can keep utilizing Microsoft Teams the same way you generally have with direct help. Clients can keep bringing your business via telephone the same way they generally have.

You’ll get a conventional telephone dialer inside teams, so you can settle on decisions or take them. That incorporates admittance to retail-specific call highlights, for example, call recording, lines, etc. Consider it all that you want from a telephone-based framework incorporated with a more present-day toolset.

Besides, RingCentral incorporates north of 200 applications, including stages such as Salesforce RingCentral Integration, Hubspot, Slack, Okta, and numerous others. You can help usefulness and computerization by joining a large number of these stages, making a more far-reaching deals cycle that uses your current instruments in general.

Final Words

So here is all about the benefits and what it means for your business. It’s time to boost your team with the RingCentral Microsoft Integration. If your business is looking to consider RingCentral integration with Microsoft to automate your work process and develop streamlined communication, consult our RingCentral Integration Consultants at Solvios Technology. We are the trusted RingCentral partners who help businesses connect with RingCentral integration.