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PHP has been around for a good amount of time now. There are many companies that are currently offering PHP-based solutions. But, Solvios Technologies is a little different. We’re the PHP development company that, even after having the utmost level of experience and expertise, are never afraid to take up new challenges.

It’s our devotion to innovation that drives us, and it’s this drive that has been responsible for our success as a firm. Infusing the essence of expertise with cross-industry and cross-technological experience, what we bring to the table is nothing but development solutions par excellence. Leveraging PHP, we create catered solutions that do wonders for your business, helping you get closer to success and business prosperity.

As a holistic PHP Web development company we offer excellence in the form of web-based PHP solutions. Other than that, we also help build amazing PHP-based apps that are functional and rank high on parameters like performance. We’ll be guiding you through every step of the way when we take up your project, so that you can focus your energy on more important things.

PHP Development Services shaped by your needs

With experienced developers that have developed in the past using the PHP framework, we’ll be providing you with the solutions that you deserve. That’s why, we’ve managed to curate these services, keeping in mind the needs of consumers and the needs and requirement that you have. Choose PHP for its versatility, and choose for us for solutions that help you excel!

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Custom PHP Application Development

Catered PHP applications that are developed to meet the intricate, specific needs of your business. The custom PHP apps that we develop are speedy, rank high on performance and are robust as well as scalable. We deeply understand your industry and your target audience, and then we go on to provide you with super-customized solutions that match your expectations.

PHP Web Development

With our PHP Web Development services, we put forth to you dynamic and interactive websites using the PHP framework. The experienced and adept developers here at Solvios Technology provide you with user-friendly websites that are secure, reliable and are developed for a super-smooth user experience. It’s what we do best, hands down.

E-Commerce Solutions

Technology-driven solutions that promise nothing but success in the end. The E-Commerce platforms that we develop are aimed to drive online sales, while establishing a presence like no other. With us, you’ll be getting feature-rich online stores paired with secure payment gateways, inventory management and a smooth checkout process.

PHP Framework Development

Using technologies such as Laravel, Symfony and CodeIgniter – we build efficient and highly-maintainable web applications that help you excel. With the experience and expertise that we’ve got in these frameworks, we promise to deliver faster, and help you perform at your level-best, leading to high-quality outcomes in the end.

API Development and Integration

When we’re talking about integrating custom APIs that help augment your PHP applications, it’s something that we’ve managed to replicate flawlessly. Between your PHP-based application and third-party applications, we manage to improve functionality and user experience. Through this, we give you as well as your users an experience of a lifetime!

CMS Development

Our CMS (Content Management System) services include developing and customizing them using PHP. We like to work with leading platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla so that we can provide you with flexible and easy-to-manage websites. Knowing how important CMSs are, we emphasize on timely delivery and functional development.

Migration and Upgradation Services

We help you upgrade legacy PHP applications so that you get the improved performance that you deserve, along with an uptick in security as you’ll be running the latest version of PHP. Other than that, we also assist in the migration of applications from other technologies to PHP, making sure that you get an ultra-smooth transition.

Maintenance and Support

We realize how important post-deployment maintenance is, so we emphasize bringing to you maintenance and support services that help with routine tasks like regular updates, bug fixes, performance optimization and security enhancements. These keep your PHP application running super-smooth, helping drive customers and improve conversions.

PHP Consulting Services

Using the experience that we’ve gathered over the years by working with a variety of clientele cutting across industries, we can help you make analytical and calculated decisions on PHP projects that you’re planning to undertake. Our consultants offer insights on best practices, architecture and choice of technology to ensure your project’s success.

Growth-based PHP excellence that delivers

The PHP solutions that we offer as a PHP development company are based on one thing – to provide your business with the growth that it deserves. With PHP, you’ll be getting simplicity at its finest. Feature-rich and interactive websites are achieved using PHP. It also allows for a robust backend, complimenting your website in a holistic fashion. It’s our promise to deliver!

Migration of Legacy Systems

With PHP, you can easily and efficiently migrate to it while obtaining the essence of modernization. This is possible even if the project is too big or complex in nature.

PHP Web Programming

Take proper advantage of PHP-based systems that serve as backends, for example REST and GRaphQI APIs that provide to you a smooth frontend communicational interface.

Performance Optimization

Identify the much-needed and overlooked performance gaps in your system while you receive in-depth insights about what’s working, what’s not working and what can be bettered.

PHP Code Audits

Run PHP code audits when we’re talking about intricate data structures and overall reduced quality of code. Code in a comprehensive fashion for proper recovery strategies.


Secure coding practices that help mitigate various threats such as vulnerability assessments, patching, user authentication and authorization. And yes, everything will be encrypted.


One of PHPs greatest triumphs is that it allows for a smooth, scalable experience that can accommodate loads and loads of data and handle everyday user traffic like a piece of cake.

Our PHP Development Services Tech Stack

Explore our tech stack, showcasing the cutting-edge technologies we leverage to power our services. From robust frameworks to advanced tools, we harness the latest innovations to deliver unparalleled solutions tailored to your needs.

Case Studies

In each project, we pour our hearts & souls. We go the extra mile to surpass their expectations. Dive into our case studies for an inside look at how we conquer challenges with precision.

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A Web and Mobile Application For Professional Home Services

The client aims to create a comprehensive platform that connects consumers with service providers across various categories. The client envisioned a solution that simplifies the process of booking services while providing a seamless experience for both consumers and service providers. The challenge was to develop a hybrid mobile application along with a website and an administrator panel that caters to the needs of consumers, service providers, managers, and administrators

  • Node
  • React Native
  • Strapi
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An Online Well-being Market place to access your best life

The client envisioned an online marketplace for practitioners seeking to connect with clients. This innovative e-commerce platform caters to coaches, teachers, healers, and speakers, offering many sessions, classes, workshops, retreats, and much more. Hello Plentiful empowers practitioners to showcase and market their expertise to a diverse audience of users in search of transformative experiences.

  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Laravel
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Quick Campaign Creation Tool for Media Buyers

Our client is a is a media advertising company that makes their revenue through online advertising from Facebook and Google Ads. To enable the company media buyers to create campaigns quickly on Facebook and improve their turnaround time. The time to create campaigns was huge as the media buyers had to use multiple platforms in order to create a single campaign. A solution to analyze the Facebook ad data, crunch some numbers, and display them meaningfully in the form of a graphical user interface.

  • Python
  • ReactJS
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  • Reviewed On:
  • 4.9
  • 5.0
  • 5.0

Industries We Serve

As a PHP development company, we understand every industry has its own set of challenges. We don't offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we focus on the unique risks, opportunities, and best practices of your domain. This allows us to craft agile and resilient IT solutions that are specifically tailored to your business needs. Let's build something strong together.

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It’s always the big question that stirs the minds of clients. Why should I pick you over the others? What is it that you have and the others don’t? The answer to that question is simple – once you start working with Solvios Technologies, you won’t have to look anywhere else. We’re all that you’ll ever need in an agency, be it in the form of solutions that we offer or how we utilize our inherent expertise and experience. You’ll realize it once you’re on board with us, and we’re looking forward to that. Get the PHP solutions that you deserve with us!

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Methodologies that ensure a smooth, sound development process

While developing exceptional PHP apps, we take the help of a variety of methodologies that makes sure that each project is handled keeping in mind efficiency and quality. We select our methodologies on the condition that fits best to your goals and project requirements.

Our development process emphasizes on delivering top-end, customized PHP applications that are crafted to meet your needs as well as your client’s needs.


We utilize the adaptive Agile methodology at its fullest. It focuses on continuously improving processes. We emphasize on the delivery of software at the end of sprints while we utilize the Agile methodology.


A design process wherein we break the project into phases such as: Requirements, Design, Implementation, Verification and Maintenance. We use it for projects requiring no/less amount of changes.


A subset of agile that fits best for projects with rapidly changing requirements. We use it for its flexibility, and adaptability. We undertake fixed-length sprints while using Scrum for our clients.


We use it for creating more value with fewer resources. It emphasizes efficiency optimization by eliminating waste, advocating for a strong focus while we learn from the customer themself.

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Our developers work with a variety of PHP frameworks. These include frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter and Zend. The main motive of these frameworks is to provide a rather robust structure that helps in the development of scalable, reliable and maintainable web applications.

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