Web Design Challenges and Solutions

Web design is a constantly evolving field that presents various web design challenges to designers and developers. As in today’s virtual world, websites are at the forefront of businesses’ efforts to drive customers and revenue, making it necessary to find web design solutions that help create engaging and effective websites that delight your users.

One of the most important challenges in web design is that the success of modern websites mostly depends on how they are presented and how they communicate with visitors or users. A website with flawless user experience design will have a positive impact on the brand’s perception.

To develop a website with a more user-friendly and intuitive web page design, UI/UX designers should be aware of common Web design challenges to avoid while designing.

This article discusses briefly the six common mistakes that every website developer should be aware of and overcome in order to deliver efficient web design solutions.

List of 6 common web design mistakes and solutions to avoid

A business website with a better user experience design will drive more potential sales. Avoid your website being developed with the 6 common mistakes that will degrade your website’s overall UX and UI by following the provided tips and solutions.

1. Poor & inconsistent content

A website with poor and inconsistent content will always fail to reach a potential audience, no matter how well your UI and UX designers design it. Content is the real king in the virtual world. Poor-quality content will damage your brand’s image and lead to a significant drop in sales.

Solution: Hire a quality content writer to write good content for your website according to SEO standards. Also, ask your marketers and salespeople to stick with the content. More importantly, you should make sure the content posted on your site is accurate and complete. Ensure that the same content is used consistently across all platforms.

2. Poor/Outdated & broken design layout

Having an outdated web design (web design challenges) for your website is never going to entertain your viewers or users; instead, it will cause a negative user experience. In addition to that, if your website has any broken designs or poor images on its pages, you are surely going to fail in the competition.

Solution: Ask web designers to improve your web pages with the best and latest user experience design this will improve your users’ experience. Once your website’s UI starts to improve, your website traffic will increase, which will do wonders for raising your business’s sales.

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3. Hard to navigate & lacks usability 

When it comes to better web design solutions, web pages should be designed neatly, intuitively, and with easy navigation. so that users or viewers of your website can easily navigate throughout your site and easily identify what they want from you. Instead, a cluttered, difficult-to-navigate site with poor usability will make it difficult for viewers and users to access your site. This will eventually increase your site bounce rate and lead to significant customer loss.

Solution: To avoid an increase in site bounce rate, a designer should limit the presence of links on their site. This ensures users view a neat and credible home page of your website, which will encourage them to navigate and start looking for what they want.

4. Implementing too many pop-ups

Popup ads will get high user attention, but at the same time, they will be so annoying for users or viewers who witness irrelevant or unwanted popup ads while visiting your website. At the same time, pop-up ads are a potential source of income for website owners. You must balance it perfectly to maintain your site bounce rate under control.

Solution: Always don’t place full-screen pop-ups on your web pages, and never place pop-up ads on your site’s mobile version. Go for placing relevant pop-up ads according to your site content; this will be useful for your readers and viewers as well.

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5. Poor CTA (call-to-action) placement

CTA (call-to-action) is a design style that is crucial for all online businesses to convert their visitors into potential customers. A website designed with a poor and non-appealing CTA will find it very difficult to increase the conversion rate. Having a website that fails to provide sufficient leads for the business is a kind of business failure.

Solution: Rather than spending and wasting time on the placement of CTAs on your website, hire an experienced designer. Professional web designers will be aware of where web visitors would like to click and how the CTA must appear on the webpage.

6. Poor web page optimizations 

Modern users expect more from websites, the most important of which is loading time. Users often lose patience when sites take a lot of time to load; they simply skip them and go to another site. This will increase the site bounce rate tremendously and create a negative impact on business ROI.

Solution: If you are looking to leverage more from your business website, then hiring an experienced designer is a perfect choice. Experienced designers will fix all those SEO and CRO blunders that cause a site to load slowly. Also, we are well aware of optimizing web pages by placing well-optimized designs with essential Java scripts, optimized images, and videos.

To Sum Up

It does take a lot of work for UI and UX designers to develop a profitable website, but it is not impossible.

Web designers can provide excellent web design solutions to their clients by understanding and correcting the six common web design challenges listed above. If your developer is struggling to create a website with a more appealing and better user experience design, then you should consider hiring an experienced designer who is well-versed in designing websites that drive more traffic and generate more revenue.

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