Salesforce November 21, 2020

Salesforce Winter Release Notes ‘21 with New Features and Updates

The Salesforce Winter Release Notes ‘21 is here. As Salesforce comes up with new enhancements every time, here are some more new notes to deliver your better experience. Whether you are a Salesforce admin, a …

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Salesforce February 22, 2020

11 Salesforce Spring ‘20 Release Notes You Need to Know

Salesforce has given out the Salesforce Spring ‘20 release notes. As Salesforce adds more to its platform with its every new release, here are 11 new updates for admins and developers in Salesforce 20 notes. …

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Salesforce January 7, 2020

Things you Need to Know about Salesforce Data Loader Tool

In the era of data everywhere, having accurate data stored in our platforms is crucial for sales and marketing activities. Salesforce Data Loader Tool ensures you can communicate flawlessly. Data Loader is the most popular client …

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Salesforce November 22, 2019

Desk to Service Cloud Migration Functionality and Benefits

Desk to Service Cloud Migration is a middleware tool from AppExchange. It migrates your data from to the Salesforce Service Cloud quickly. The tool allows you to migrate core data and metadata from …

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Salesforce October 7, 2019

Open Source – Service Cloud Migration Tool

If you are on the Salesforce platform, you might be knowing that is going to reinstate with Salesforce Service Cloud Lightning. This reinstitution will let the migration process done quickly, which in turn, transfer …

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Salesforce March 13, 2019

Check your Salesforce Lightning Experience Readiness

The organizations using Salesforce – the platform is transforming the organizations from its classic to Light interface. Is your organization ready to transform with Salesforce? to check your organization’s Salesforce Lightning Experience readiness, the following …

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Salesforce February 26, 2019

10 Salesforce Spring ’19 Releases Notes

New features in Salesforce Spring ’19 release goes live. Do consider sharing all these updates and changes to other Salesforce users so that everyone gets updated. Apart from this, some other features need direct action …

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Salesforce January 29, 2019

12 Salesforce Winter ’19 Release Notes

Finally, the Salesforce winter release notes for ’19 is here with some new updates and features. Following are the top 10 features of the ’19 release notes for those who are active on the Salesforce …

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