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Gainsight Application Integration for RingCentral

RingCentral Engage Digital is a cloud-based customer engagement platform that enables businesses to communicate with their customers through various messaging channels such as social media, email, chat, and SMS. It provides a unified inbox for all customer interactions, allowing agents to respond to customer queries quickly and efficiently. The platform also offers automation and AI-powered features to streamline customer engagement and improve the overall customer experience. Additionally, it provides analytics and reporting tools to help businesses track and measure their customer engagement efforts.

Introduction to RingCentral Engage Digital

RingCentral Engage Digital is a bound-together stage for client support groups to deal with all computerized client care channels and discussions, including email, informal communities, talk, and portable, through a solitary stage. This stage is the most appropriate for organizations with at least 100 workers. 

RingCentral Engage Digital’s bound-together point of interaction is intended to build the specialist’s reaction rate, smooth out asset distribution, and level the stream during peak periods, as well as track client discussion history, and screen channel movement, and that’s just the beginning.

RingCentral Engage Digital permits clients to make and characterize custom classifications and measures on which to channel and sort messages. Clients can likewise set up directing principles that allot approaching messages consequently to the top specialists in light of their abilities, dialects, and specialties, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

All spam is automatically separated and filed to guarantee specialists just spotlight significant messages. RingCentral Engage Digital helps clients smooth out client care movement with elements like line management, message prioritization, and work area warnings. In the event that a specialist is unavailable, clients can set increasing standards that forward incoming messages to different groups.

RingCentral Engage Digital empowers clients to oversee clients successfully with discussion history following and single-tick client record access. Single CRM joining permits clients to total client communications and sync ticket data and client profiles with CRM frameworks like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

RingCentral Engage Digital assists clients with answering client requests by gathering all client messages into one discussion. Programmed reactions and an answer help empower clients to answer messages rapidly and proficiently. Clients can likewise set up an information base to assist specialists in answering requests more precisely.

Key Benefits of RingCentral Engage Digital

Key Benefits of RingCentral Engage Digital

Offers a solitary, brought-together stage from which clients can oversee client requests on every single social medium, web, visit, and versatile channel.

RingCentral Engage Digital is an Omni advanced arrangement, permitting any computerized channel with open APIs to be coordinated, including informing, visiting, social applications, email, gathering channels, and so forth.

CRM incorporation permits clients to total client associations and sync ticket data and client profiles with CRM frameworks, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Clients can set up their directing guidelines with the goal that specialists get requests based on their specific abilities, dialects, or specialties.

Work area warnings guarantee clients never miss a message and answer rapidly to send requests. 

How is RingCentral Salesforce integration

productive for your business?

Introduction to Gainsight

Gainsight arms your client achievement methodology with a stage that intends to adjust the objectives, experiences, and exercises of deals, showcasing, backing, items, and other client confronting groups and provide them with a particular perspective on the client. The outcome is less beat, higher maintenance, and even development extension. The stage highlights apparatuses to direct and enable your groups to convey phenomenal CX all through the client lifecycle.

The stage highlights devices to help you acquire client knowledge, solicit their criticism and measure their commitment level, give groups cooperation space, and measure results to reliably meet client expectations. 

The insights include, for example, the ability to unify your information sources so you gain a 360-perspective on clients and measure their general well-being. You can combine support tickets, NPS criticism, open cautions, and other client-related data. Meanwhile, the Feedback module assists you in creating visually appealing studies and information-driven focuses. It highlights clever text examination and robotized textbooks for more extravagant studies.

Additionally, you get collaborating tools such as a timeline, shared notes, TeamViewer, and integrated emails, all in a unified location. Your groups can rapidly convey inside the stage and guarantee no thought or information is lost in the discussion. Ultimately, the Outcomes module highlights Playbooks, apparatuses that convey proactive cautions so you can carry out prescriptive, bit-by-bit reactions.

Gainsight Features

  • 100% native Force.com
  • Automate scenario workflows
  • Customer health scorecards
  • Interactive report builder
  • Pre-packaged analytics graphs
  • Role-specific live dashboards
  • Sort, filter, and export data
  • Task and call-to-action analysis
  • Triggered emails
  • Sponsor tracking
  • Renewals dashboard
  • Task and call-to-action management
  • Triggered lifecycle rules

Gainsight Benefits 

  • Minimize the possibility of client stir by following measurements through a client scoring device. Clients can accumulate information from different sources to construct a 360-degree profile of themselves.
  • You can screen the use of your administration or item at the client or record level and permit ongoing conduct information to impact client success interactions.
  • Set up a setting-off instrument that sets up autopilot for survey undertakings and email sending.
  • You can recognize power clients as well as dangerous clients to distinguish them from passing up on open doors and figure out your item’s key execution markers.
  • Use NPS surveys, client informing, and support following to draw in your clients through every one of the phases of the client venture.
Pricing: Gainsight is available as a SaaS solution, with pricing based on a monthly and per-user basis. On the other hand, the pricing for RingCentral engage digital is available on quote request. Contacting the vendor will give you the more detailed information.

Gainsight supports integrations

Gainsight Supports Integrations

If we talk about RingCentral, it’s an open platform that allows you to integrate with third-party services or software. RingCentral’s native integration includes digital communication channels including email, social media, and forums. You can also develop your own connector through digital channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat, RingCentral Engage Communities, Right Now Community, WordPress, and RingCentral Engage Mail.

The chatbot integration solutions include Recast AI, IBM Watson, BotMind, Inbenta, and Arabot.

Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle are examples of CRM integration.

Call solutions include Genesys, Avaya, and Cisco.

Helpdesk services include Service Now, Fresh Service,” Jira Service Desk

Gainsight Application Integration for RingCentral

Gainsight for RingCentral assists organizations

The integration presents telephone numbers inside your #1 Gainsight screens and powers click-to-dial usefulness with RingCentral’s cloud telephone framework. When coordinated, your Customer Success Managers can integrate the individual dash of a one-on-one call into their everyday work process – all without losing time or productivity.

Gainsight for RingCentral assists organizations in utilizing the power of client information to manage at-risk clients and increase the lifetime value of solid ones. Gainsight permits organizations to:

Extend Customer Lifecycles

Different client fragments call for various client achievement procedures. Draw in clients as frequently as possible to drive achievement without settling on versatility.

Actively manage client risk

By interacting with your product and administration, your customers are sending you important messages about their health. Gainsight’s foundation analyzes your sales data, usage logs, support tickets, review reactions, monetary frameworks, and support developments to screen client wellbeing, trigger alarms on risks, and prescribe best practice playbooks to manage those risks.

Demonstrate Value

Gainsight helps you deliver your customer goals and objectives while giving you the devices to provide the value your client is getting, both through one-on-one discussions and customized and automated emails.

Final Words

Overall, RingCentral Engage Digital is a powerful tool for businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement strategy and improve customer satisfaction.

Solvios Technology specializes in RingCentral integration and helps you create a seamless experience for your business and customers. If you are looking to integrate your cloud-based digital customer engagement platform with advanced automation capabilities to reduce response times and improve agent productivity.

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