Restaurant Mobile App Development Cost In 2024

Do you know that 91% of restaurants have already invested or plan to invest in automation services for managing their operational processes? restaurant mobile app development services are one of the fastest-growing segments of the billion-dollar app market. In fact, online food delivery apps like UberEats increase their sales by up to 20%. 

Mobile Application Development for restaurants is beneficial for enhancing customer experience through promotional offers, including booking tables, browsing menus, and ordering online, which increase customer satisfaction and also improve efficiency and money.

The level of detail of the app, the needed features, the platform (iOS, Android), and the degree of customization that is requested all affect how much it costs to design a restaurant app. Before starting a restaurant app project, businesses must evaluate their needs and budgets because the location and experience level of the Mobile App Development Services team might have an impact on project costs.

Why Do Restaurants Need An App?

Mobile Apps Necessary for Your Restaurant

In the digital age, having a restaurant app is essential for various reasons. Whether checking the menu and ordering the food you like most or booking your table, all are easy for customers using mobile devices. This not only gives personalized familiarity but also saves customers time. From catering latest offers to reliability plans, a restaurant app enriches customer communication, promoting consistency and repeat business.

By automating procedures like order management and payment, an app generally modernizes restaurant tasks while increasing productivity and reducing costs. Hence, restaurants need an app to boost customer happiness, stay profitable, and foster business growth.

Factors Influencing The Cost of Developing a Restaurant App

Cost of Developing a Restaurant App

Business Size

The size of the app affects how much it costs to design a mobile app; larger organizations pay more. Select the best on-demand app development business; a basic restaurant mobile application could cost you anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000. The price of developing a mobile app for a restaurant, whether for a large- or mid-sized business, is determined by the needed features and functionalities.

The Chosen Platform 

App platforms and device selection affect development costs; single-platform apps are less expensive to build than dual-platform apps. Many on-demand mobile app Development Companies choose to publish their apps on just one platform. Creating applications for both iOS and Android is the best way to increase customers. So it’s a significant cost factor to consider before contacting the mobile development company team because creating mobile apps for different platforms is a big part and takes time and effort, so it gets more expensive.

Restaurant Mobile App Features and Functionality

Restaurant App Features and Functionality

  • Menu 

Restaurant applications should have a thorough menu with pricing breaks and images representing the dishes. It is advised to include a function that divides each dish into multiple subcategories to improve user experience and simplify meal ordering.

  • Geolocation

Adding a geolocation function to your restaurant app is essential since it increases user convenience and value. While making an app, it is best to add Geolocation as it may help attract new customers and maintain existing customers, which effectively promotes its services across various locations.

  • Push Notifications

In modern digital times, adding features like Push Notifications gives users profitable and significantly updated information. Customers can take advantage of a variety of offerings by getting these notifications, for example: “Today’s offer”, “your new scratch card”, “Your coupon codes”, and many other special offers.

Want to Implement Push Notifications in your Mobile Application?

  • Ratings and Reviews

Please provide a mobile application with a function that allows users to evaluate, discuss, and rate particular eateries and services they have used. When potential consumers think about making a meal order, the feedback can provide recommendations. According to the mobile app development business, every restaurant app should have critical features.

  • List of Additional Features

Several additional factors can influence Restaurant App Development Costs in addition to the standard functionality:

    • Table booking 
    • Online ordering 
    • Payment processing 
    • Customized menus
    • Loyalty programs and more 

When making a mobile app by hiring a reputed mobile app development company, it is vital to consider these extra features and the related costs seriously.


A mobile app’s development cost can be affected by various aspects, including the necessity of UI/UX design to draw in consumers. Developing a distinctive and user-friendly UI/UX is essential. Hiring a mobile app developer is crucial if you need help deciding what to include in your UI/UX. As many businesses respond to Native app development for restaurant apps, hire a food delivery app developer for an eye-catching user interface. Knowing the application’s brand logo and other elements is needed to comprehend the user interface and experience.

Development Team 

This factor should be considered when determining the total costs of building a mobile restaurant app. The entire development cost, which will be calculated using the hourly development cost, is significantly impacted by the size of the team and hourly charges. Hiring a top-rated app development company offers top-notch services at an affordable price, as complex applications can significantly increase time and cost.

App Maintenance

While creating a mobile application, because most organizations often ignore this part of the process, it’s critical to understand that app maintenance can significantly affect development costs. The food sector needs app maintenance services to keep the app current and working.

Upgrading versions of apps with new features and bug fixes are provided by app maintenance services for the entertainment business; users must choose these services to reach a specific audience.

Get App Updates and Maintenance Solutions at Affordable Cost.

Evaluating Restaurant App Development Cost

Creating a simple restaurant app with all the necessary functions, such as online ordering, table reservations, and menu browsing, can run you anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. Add-ons such as third-party integration, sending push notifications, conducting loyalty programs, and sophisticated analytics can range in price from $15,000 to $30,000. The cost is also influenced by customization and design intricacy. The platform (iOS, Android, or both) and the experience of the Mobile Application Development Company can affect the project’s total cost. Hence, it is crucial to carefully evaluate your needs and budget to guarantee a successful and affordable restaurant app development process.

Restaurant Mobile App Solution Is a Must!

Mobile App Solution For Restaurant

Restaurant app development is crucial for modern restaurants to stay competitive, meet customer needs, and offer benefits like convenience, engagement, streamlined operations, and improved business growth. 

A professional mobile application development services team is advised for a successful outcome because they have the requisite technological know-how, industry expertise, and experience. Companies can consider collaborating with a respectable app development company to use their resources and expertise to develop an excellent application to gain a competitive edge.

Every restaurant owner may increase customer happiness by investing in a restaurant app and hiring the proper staff. So, explore the best Custom Mobile Application Development Company for your restaurant’s app development.

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