3 Application Migration Strategies to Cloud

Application Migration Strategies to Cloud

What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is a process of transferring business applications, data, and other IT resources to a cloud platform. A cloud is a virtual pool of network and storage resources accessed over the internet. Check out Application Migration Strategies

Today, companies have adopted the cloud platform and are migrating apps and services to make business operations more flexible and secure. Some of the leading cloud providers are –Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, Amazon AWS Cloud services, and Google Cloud Platform services. These platforms offer a variety of apps and services like data analytics, virtual computing, networking, and more.

Why Migrate to Cloud Platform?

With technological advancement in the IT environment, it is crucial to adopt new technologies to stay and perform in the competition. Cloud migration services are a modern approach to cloud storage, optimized data, fast data transfer, resiliency options, increased security, and much more. When it comes to migrating your data, there needs significant planning and the right resources.

Even if you have planned to move to the cloud, you need to understand your business requirements, various options while moving to the cloud, associated cost, and risk factors. Once you get to know all these factors, Cloud adoption is a proven way to expand your business efficiently and effectively.

Cloud Migration Strategies

Once you are ready for cloud migration services, we can follow a strategy to migrate applications to the cloud. These strategies are termed as Rs of migration. These R’s are implemented by almost any organization to migrate apps and data to the cloud. Let’s go through these strategies:


When it comes to migrating applications to the cloud, Rehost is the most common strategy. When an organization seeks Application Migration Strategies quickly to meet a business case, the majority of applications are rehosted.

The strategy consists of lifting an application or a part of it from an existing cloud environment or on-premise and shifting it to a new cloud. Rehosting can be automated based on tools such as CloudEndure Migration, AWS VM Import/Export. For the organizations seeking quick migration and optimized cost, rehost is the best strategy to consider without affecting the existing application workflow.


Revise is also known as the re-platforming. In this strategy, an application component or the entire app gets optimized before migrating to a cloud platform. The optimization improves application performance, as a result, there needs no modification in coding architecture. Organizations can have more cloud benefits with this strategy. Plus, this strategy can end up costing more dollars when compared to rehosting.


Unlike the above strategies, refactor is a very complex strategy which is also termed as ‘re-architecting. These strategies comprise of two types – Partial refactor and Complete refactor. Partial refactor involves modification of small application components, which results in quick migration. Complete refactor involves the entire modification of an app, which results in low cost and higher performance.

Refactor is a bit expensive strategy, but also offers cloud benefits. Refactor requires you to have in-depth expertise in cloud services to re-architect an application to suit the new cloud environment.


The cloud solution is a proven way to drive business operations using cloud computing. But, on the other side, choosing an appropriate cloud migration strategy is required. There need several factors to be considered such as professional cloud consulting services, Application Migration Strategies, overall costing, cloud support service, and more.

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