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The Brief

The client aims to create a comprehensive platform that connects consumers with service providers across various categories. The client envisioned a solution that simplifies the process of booking services while providing a seamless experience for both consumers and service providers. The challenge was to develop a hybrid mobile application along with a website and an administrator panel that caters to the needs of consumers, service providers, managers, and administrators

The Challenge

The challenges faced while making a hybrid mobile application and a website for the client.

  • Client aims to develop a comprehensive platform comprising both a website and a hybrid mobile application.
  • The challenge involves creating a user-friendly interface for consumers, service providers, managers, and administrators.
  • Ensuring seamless communication, efficient service management, and secure payment processing are key objectives.
  • The system must accommodate various user roles and functionalities, including registration, service browsing, booking, order tracking, feedback submission, profile management, notifications, and administrative controls.

The Solution

To address the challenge, We employed a combination of robust technologies and a systematic approach:

  • Node.js and Express.js for backend development, ensuring scalability and performance.
  • React.js/Next.js for frontend development, facilitating a dynamic and responsive user interface.
  • MongoDB for database management, offering flexibility and scalability for data storage.
  • RabbitMQ for message queuing, enabling asynchronous communication between components.
  • for real-time communication, enhancing user experience and system responsiveness.
  • Firebase for authentication and data synchronization, ensuring secure user interactions.
  • Swagger for API documentation, facilitating easy integration and collaboration among developers.
  • React Native for hybrid mobile app development, ensuring cross-platform compatibility and native-like performance.
  • Stripe Payment for secure online transactions, providing a reliable payment gateway.
  • for headless content management system (CMS), enabling flexible content creation and management

Consumer User

For consumers, the platform offers a streamlined experience starting with easy registration and login processes. Users can browse available services, select desired options, and seamlessly book appointments. Payment processing is handled securely within the platform. Consumers have access to their order history and can submit feedback to provide valuable insights.

Service Provide

Service providers benefit from dedicated profile setup tools to showcase their offerings. They can efficiently manage services and track orders, maintaining clear communication with managers when needed. Availability management features enable providers to update their schedules, and they can view reviews to gain valuable feedback.

Manager User

Managers have comprehensive tools for handling service bookings, including allocating and managing service requests efficiently. They oversee user management tasks and generate reports to analyze platform performance. Managers facilitate communication between users and service providers, ensuring smooth order tracking throughout the process.


Administrators have global-level control over platform settings, ensuring smooth operations. They manage various aspects such as system configurations, user roles, and permissions. Administrators play a key role in maintaining the integrity and functionality of the platform while supporting effective communication across all user groups.

The Results

The deployment of the Application and Website produced several significant outcomes.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Intuitive interfaces and seamless navigation improve user satisfaction and engagement.
  • Efficient Service Management: Automated processes, real-time updates, and comprehensive tools streamline service delivery and administration.
  • Secure Transactions: Integration with Stripe Payment ensures the security and reliability of online transactions.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: The use of scalable technologies and modular architecture enables easy expansion and customization as the platform grows.
  • Improved Communication: Real-time communication features facilitate smooth interaction between users and stakeholders.
  • Data Insights: Robust reporting capabilities provide valuable insights for decision-making and optimization.
  • Positive Feedback: Users appreciate the convenience, reliability, and responsiveness of the platform, leading to positive reviews and increased usage

What Our Clients Say

Solvios Technology not only created a new website, but a logo and its marketing campaigns, as well. They had well-established management that understood all of the client's needs, big or small. The team also commendably understood the client's industry.

Mayank C


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