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The Brief

Our client is a is a media advertising company that makes their revenue through online advertising from Facebook and Google Ads.

The Challenge

The challenges faced while developing the application for the client.

  • To enable the company media buyers to create campaigns quickly on Facebook and improve their turnaround time. The time to create campaigns was huge as the media buyers had to use multiple platforms in order to create a single campaign.
  • A solution to analyze the Facebook ad data, crunch some numbers, and display them meaningfully in the form of a graphical user interface.

The Solution

In response to the difficulties, we employed a combination of strong technologies and a well-planned approach :

  • The team came up with a tool where media buyers can log in and create campaigns on Facebook in a matter of a few minutes. To facilitate that, the team integrated a combination of Facebook APIs and Domain Active APIs and came up with a single user interface that can be used to create campaigns.
  • There were cases when the media buyers created the campaigns directly on FB and there was a mismatch. The team came up with a solution to sync those campaigns back to our tool so the data integrity is maintained and it lets the users know what campaigns are out of sync with the tool.
  • The team analyzed various Adset data for different categories and trained a model with multiple parameters to predict a budget for those categories that can achieve maximum profit. These data are represented in a tool that displays the performance of different parameters in the form of various graphs like Linear Graphs, Bar Graphs, and Scatter plots.

API Integration

Facebook Marketing API and Domain Active API integration for campaign creation.

Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner integration to search and add keywords to a campaign

Custom Campaign Name String creator

The user interface will create a campaign name automatically based on different selection criteria from the fields on the user interface.

The Results

  • A tool that is a single source of truth for the owners and media buyers to manage and create campaigns on Facebook.
  • A tool that displays data in a meaningful visual representation in the form of graphs that helps make effective business decisions.

What Our Clients Say

They've been able to help us build our in-house technology and processes across a variety of languages. We were very satisfied with the final product. The team was able to deliver the project on time.

Chris Rupp


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