March 13, 2019

Check your Salesforce Lightning Experience readiness

Salesforce is transitioning all the organizations from the classic to the Light interface. Is your Organization ready for the transition. Follow these steps recommended by Salesforce to check your organization’s readiness and prepare for the transition.

1. Run the Lightning Experience Readiness Check

Get a personalized, step-by-step report on how to prepare your org.

2. Estimate level of effort

Use the Level of Effort section to estimate the time and effort required to get ready for Lightning Experience.

3. Identify features and customizations

Use the report to see the features and customizations your org uses and what you need to do to prepare your users for Lightning Experience.

Whats next?

Once the features are identified, the next phase is the actual implementation, customization and preparation for your organization. Some of the changes might be easy to implement whereas some of the changes might be time consuming. For e.g. if there are Visualforce pages in use, transition could take time. So, its better to start in advance and get the right implementation in place. The final and most important step is the User Training. Since this interface is going to be new for most of the team, training them in advance will help for a smooth transition.


Tags: lightning / sales team / salesforce / user experience