March 13, 2019

Check your Salesforce Lightning Experience Readiness

The organizations using Salesforce – the platform is transforming the organizations from its classic to Light interface. Is your organization ready to transform with Salesforce? to check your organization’s Salesforce Lightning Experience readiness, the following are the recommended steps by Salesforce you can go through.

1. Run the Salesforce Lightning Experience Readiness Check

Get a step-by-step report on how to prepare your org.

2. Estimate level of effort

Check out the Level of Effort section to evaluate time and effort needed for Salesforce Lightning Experience.

3. Identify features and customizations

Make use of report:/p>

  • – To check the features and customizations your org uses.
  • – To prepare your users for Salesforce Lightning Experience.

What’s next?

Once you identify the features, next comes the Salesforce Implementation, customization, and preparation for your organization. You may experience implementing some changes time consuming. For instance – if Visualforce pages is in use, the transition could take some time. Its recommended to begin in advance and get the right Salesforce Implementation Solutions.

The final step then is the User Training. Because the interface will be new for most of them, providing them a proper training will enable smooth transition.

For more information on migrating to Lightning and the benefits of doing so, Get in Touch Now!

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