February 26, 2019

Salesforce Spring ’19 Release Notes

Some of the features in Salesforce Spring ’19 release affect all users immediately after the release goes live. Consider communicating these changes to your users beforehand so that they are well prepared. Some of the other features require direct action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality.

  • Pinned/Defaulting List Views

    Do you have a go-to list view that you want to load as your default list?  Now you can. With pinned lists, all users can make any list their new default. To pin an unpinned list, click its pin icon. To pin a different list, select the list view and pin it instead. The default pinned list for all objects is Recently Viewed. Pinned/Defaulting List Views
  • Print a Record Page

    Print key details and related lists from a record page in Lightning Experience,  just as in Salesforce Classic. Specify record details visibility on the printable page and print the page from the browser. On a record home page, click Printable View. The sections and fields on the printable view reflect the current user’s page layout. The related lists reflect the current user’s related list preferences. Admins can remove the Printable View button from the record page layout in the Page Layout Editor to disable the feature.
Salesforce Classic
  • Lightning Web Components

    Lightning web components are custom HTML elements built using HTML and modern JavaScript. They can co-exist with Aura Components (formerly known as Lightning Components).
  • Lightning Scheduler

    Use Lightning Scheduler to quickly set up appointments within standard Salesforce workflows, such as leads and referrals, opportunities, and accounts. And with greater visibility into appointments, you can assign resources more efficiently and better address customer needs. This feature is available for an extra cost in Enterprise and Unlimited editions.
  • Additional options

    when you transfer account ownership, you have additional options of what you want to be done just to open opportunities and open cases, or to all opportunities or cases. Transfer Account Ownership
  • Create Custom Objects from Spreadsheets

    Create a custom object by importing its fields and field data from a Google sheet, a Quick spreadsheet, an Excel file (.xls or .csv format).  This can be done from the Navigation Items tab inside a Lightning app in Lightning App Builder. Edit a Lightning app, access the Navigation Items tab, then click the “Create” button at the top of the Available Items list.

  • Switch Your Lightning Page to a Different Template

    Don’t like the layout of a Lightning page? Did your business needs change?  Now with a few clicks, you can swap a Lightning page’s template. When you view a Lightning page’s properties in the Lightning App Builder, Click Change next to the Template field to start the template-switching process. Lightning App Builder
  • View State Limit

    The maximum view state size limit was increased from 135KB to 170KB. Now, you can build and load more complex Visualforce pages, as long as they don’t go over the increased limit. Visualforce pages
  • Enforce FLS Permissions for SOQL Queries (Beta)

    Use the WITH SECURITY_ENFORCED clause to enable checking for the field- and object-level security permissions on SOQL SELECT queries, including subqueries and cross-object relationships. If field-level security for either the LastName or Description field is hidden, the below query throws an exception indicating insufficient permissions. SELECT Id, (SELECT LastName FROM Contacts), (SELECT Description FROM Opportunities) FROM Account WITH SECURITY_ENFORCED
  • Data Storage

    Salesforce is clearly feeling generous this festive season, so much so that they’re planning to increase the data storage allowance in  Contact Manager, Group, Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions. The Salesforce elves are hoping to increase the existing 1GB limit to a delightful 10GB. Orgs will begin to see the increase starting in late March 2019.
For those looking to understand the Salesforce Spring release process in a little more detail, take the Salesforce Spring ’19 Release Highlights Trailhead Module for a more in-depth look at all new features. Check out our Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Services. Talk to us about our Virtual Salesforce Administrative Services.

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